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High Power Compact MK6


High Power Compact MK6 1 Zone – Build in alarm monitor

To be used for single zone monitored electrified security fences.

  •  Power Output: 7.8 Joules
  •  Voltage output: 10500V
  •  Voltage 500 Ohm: 8000V
  •  Current Cons:  700mA @ 12vdc

Compact Features:

  • Easy to install (user friendly)
  •  Compact design
  •  Ideal for use in high density residential area
  •  Low power consumption – battery backup
  •  Plug in AC transformer
  •  Complies to international regulations.

Monitor Features:

  • Build in fence alarm
  •  Bar graph display of fence power
  •  Gate monitor facility
  •  Latched strobe light output
  •  Latched contacts to connect to security systems
  •  Siren output sounds for 1 min at alarm condition
  • Build in Buzzer

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