May 10, 2016
Horse Tape White 40mm x 200m
May 10, 2016
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This range of energizer is the newest and state of the art multi-function energizer. This compact and easy to use energizer is controlled either by the onboard key switch or by an optional LED or LCD keypad or by a remote key switch or remote control. The unit is operated by a fully programmable microprocessor.


  • 5 Joule energizer
  • High Voltage live line monitoring with alarm
  • Earth line monitoring with alarm
  • Gate (Auxiliry) monitoring with alarm
  • Siren and Strobe connections
  • Onboard armed response connection and relay
  • Fully Programmable with keypad
  • Remote control option
  • Battery backup
  • Lightning and power surge suppression build in
  • Easy to use optional LED or LCD Keypad
  • Variable output Joule settings
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